Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

This movie was ridiculous in every possible way, but a lot of fun. Absolutely Fabulous revives Joanna Lumley’s and Jennifer Saunders’s characters, Eddy and Patsy, from the 90s BBC sitcom with the same name. The film starts placing them in the present day, with lots of passing comments that they’re failures because they’re old, while they still try to maintain their ‘fabulous’ facade. 

I missed the hype of the TV series, as I wasn’t old enough to watch it when it first aired, so I only had a vague idea as to the characters and their stories. It didn’t take long to catch up though and I liked the classic British humour throughout- basically, the characters make fun of themselves/everything but still come across as genuine. 

Stereotypes were over exaggerated completely and there was serious outrage over Kate Moss’s accident in the Thanes (inadvertently caused by Eddy). Naturally, this meant the pair had to flee to the French Riviera, chauffeured around by Eddy’s nowhere near old enough but somehow more mature granddaughter. Oh and Patsy pretended to be a man in order to get married to the world’s richest ‘woman’. 

I enjoyed how a lot of the celebrities featured were actually celebrities in real life playing themselves from different industry sectors, and there was a great soundtrack. The plot was so dramatic and OTT that it didn’t matter if you hadn’t a clue what was going on, it kind of fitted in with the characters’ own melodramas. It wasn’t a film I was ‘bothered’ seeing, but it surprised me and was great entertainment. 

Box office image. 


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