Other ‘Stressful’ Situations 

I was talking to a friend about other things that make my endocrine system feel ‘weird’. There are the obvious things that use up a lot more cortisol and you have to stress dose for- bereavement, shock, injury, a stressful or emotive situation, an argument,but there are little things that just make you feel a bit weird which you take for granted when you’re healthy. The first time I noticed this was after breaking up a fight at school. Fights happen, they never bothered me before. I broke the boys up as usual and put myself between the two of them. It was a pretty easy fight to manage. But within seconds I was sweating, shaking, feeling like I was going to pass out and be sick. I had to go home because I felt ‘weird’. The closest thing I can relate it to, is it’s that same heart stopping feeling you get when you think you’ve put your phone in the washing machine. 
So I started making a list yesterday, of things which rob cortisol and make me feel weird:

– Burning my tongue on a mug of tea. 

– Someone started using a pneumatic drill outside which made me jump 

-Annie got shot in 90210 (so dramatic!)

– I banged my elbow off the door 

– Missing a step while I went upstairs 

I’m really clumsy, can you tell?!

Then I had to stop making my list because ‘something weird’ progressed into ‘something worse’ and I had to call an ambulance. Not for those things above, I had a virus that was siphoning off cortisol without me realising it, which is clearly why I couldn’t ‘respond’ to the above as effectively as well- I feel so awful all the time, I don’t always notice when I get viruses if I don’t have any obvious symptoms. That’s why it’s a tricky illness to manage- there’s no test I can do at home to check my levels and life doesn’t give you warnings as to when you might burn your tongue (or whatever). It’s a guessing game. 


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