Central Intelligence

This was a film we went to see because it was on, and my husband seemed vaguely interested in it. Actually, it was pretty funny. I’m always a bit dubious of this genre of film, because it can sometimes be a bit ‘in your face’ with things which are supposedly funny, but this film had a good balance.

Central Intelligence is a Comedy/Action film starring Dwayne Johnson/The Rock as ‘Bob Stone’ and Kevin Hart as ‘Calvin Joyner’. Calvin was the person everyone looked up to at High School and Bob was the bullies’ favourite. It was great to see the geek vs sportsman storyline flipped, so Bob was the one who ended up with the dream job and toned physique, whereas Calvin’s drive and motivation seemed to have fizzled out since High School and he was stuck in his 9-5 job.

Bob and Calvin’s characters worked really well together, they were both believable in their roles. There were fight scenes and some plot line twists, but it was easy to keep up with what was going on (thankfully!). It felt a bit like the film could have ended 10 minutes before it actually did, as there were a few almost random additions to the story which were more of an after-thought rather than integrated into the story all along.

For me, the thing I liked the most was it broke stereotypes. The overweight character became the ‘superhero’, and he still likes unicorns and wears a fannypack/bumbag. The sporting hero who was destined as the person to achieve most in life ended up with a 9-5 office job which he hated. His adoring cheerleader girlfriend/wife became a driven lawyer. In a near death experience, Calvin admits that it’s the mundane, could-be-considered boring things that he wishes he’d achieved in life more than anything. And, it turns out, everyone worries about their High School Reunion, no matter how popular you were at the time.

It’s not a film I’d say I’d definitely watch again, but it was a great film to chill out and see at the end of the week. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would!


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