Sculpture Trail: Burton Green

Made in Burton Green is a community art project taking place in June and July. There are many parts to it; my friend and I visited the Sculpture Trail in the National Grid Woods. All of the pieces are handmade as part of the project, using materials such as wiring, papier mache and wool.



We went on a dry but cloudy day, after a lot of rain in the past few days. It was doable with trainers, providing you don’t mind them getting muddy! It’s staged in part of a wood, so the terrain is obviously uneven, but the path is marked both by the creatures and signs. To get to the trail, park at Burton Green Village Hall, turn left and then turn left again at the scarecrow. The theme is mostly Beatrix Potter, but we also saw characters from some other children’s books, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Charlotte’s Web.



The whole loop takes about 20 minutes, but we were limited on time/distance, so we walked to the end of the sculpture trail and walked back again. There are more pieces elsewhere on the main road which we didn’t manage to see. Each section had been carefully thought out to make the most of the trees and space available- there was lots to stop and look at, we were suitably impressed!





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