To My Chiropractor

To My Chiropractor,

You’re not part of an NHS service, but you’re worth every penny. I was running out of options for my ‘unusual’ pain before I came to you, and thought chiropractic was ‘worth a try’. It’s made such a difference to my pain and how I function.

You see me as a whole person with pain, as opposed to pain attached to a person- you don’t just treat my pain, you treat me. Which sounds obvious, but lots of Healthcare Professionals seem to forget that they deal with people and just focus on what patients are presenting with. You look at the bigger picture and try to figure out why something might not be working quite so well. Everything is clearly explained: I know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I feel like we work together, it’s given me a bit of ownership over my condition. You listen to the ways I manage my pain myself and tailor your treatments to take that into account or you give me physio to do at home. Even when things don’t make sense, you don’t dismiss me like other HCPs have done, saying that I need to just get on with it. You still say ‘that doesn’t make sense, it shouldn’t be like that’, just like they do, but you follow this up with ‘let’s try this instead’.

I like coming to the practice, everyone is really friendly. Which, again, you’d think would be an obvious thing, but I don’t often get that at my GP practice. You respond to my mood- so we laugh on good days and are more quiet on difficult days. You also celebrate my minor achievements with me. When seeing some medical professionals, I occasionally change my language and the way I speak because I worry they’ll find my descriptions and words I use to describe what’s going on trivial, and dismiss what I’m saying. I like the fact that I can use whatever words I like and you’ll understand, because you think outside the box.

Thank you for helping me with my pain, but also thank you for making my sessions with you a bright spot in my calendar of appointments.



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