Blogging Journey

It’s the last day of Blog Every Day in May! And I managed to do it! So I feel that’s a big achievement. I’ve enjoyed doing it, I’ve liked the challenge of a different topic every day and it was great reading other blogs. 

I think I’ve been a bit more open about things than I originally set out to be. I was just doing it for some fun, but it kind of evolved. Some people I don’t know have contacted me off the blog to chat about their experiences in relation to some posts. Blogs which I thought were pretty rubbish ended up getting a great response. Some of the topics made me think about things in a different light, and I enjoyed ‘working through’ it through writing about it.  I’m going to miss doing it every day- I quite enjoy writing, I’ve discovered! 

3 thoughts on “Blogging Journey

  1. Sartenada says:

    There are so many different types of blogs. The aim of my blogs is to present my quite unknown country and to offer some hidden gems, which, do not exist nowhere else. My blogging frequency is to publish a new post bimonthly.

    I always read peoples About-me page before making a comment. Here is mine:

    About me.

    Happy blogging!

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