Sukin Botanical Body Wash

Day 28 of Blog Every Day in May is ‘Beauty and Skincare’. I used to have a skincare regime (of sorts), but now I tend to look for things which don’t require much time or energy to do. I’ve always had fairly sensitive skin, as in some products make me come out in a rash, but it’s got a lot worse in the last few months, to the point where I can’t use most moisturisers without wanting to rip my skin off and coming out in big, angry spots. But if I don’t use moisturisers, my skin feels like it’s shrinking and burns. Even expensive ones and E45/Doctor prescribed cream were making it worse, which made me think it was possibly also something to do with how the product reacts when I get hot or wear certain fabrics.

So I did some research and asked an aromatherapist friend and came across this:


My friend recommended rosehip oil because it helps keep the skin ‘elastic’. I decided putting oil on before getting dressed would end up with me looking like I was about to be put on a roasting spit so I started looking at shower gels. This is an Australian company, which makes 100% natural skincare products. This product contains rosehip oil along with jojoba and avocado. You can buy it online from many retailers, between £10-£15 for 500ml depending on the site/delivery charges.

I started using it in February every day and haven’t finished the bottle yet. It seemed a bit pricey for me, but then again, I haven’t used any other of my ‘usual’ moisturisers or shower gels since, so it does work out cheaper in the long run. The other advantage I’ve found with it is that it seems to be reducing the redness of stretch marks as well- an added bonus which the Bio-Oil and Palmer’s moisturisers I tried before definitely weren’t doing.

It’s not completely cured my itchy skin, I still take antihistamines, but it definitely has improved it a lot just by swapping it for my old shower gel and moisturisers.



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