I love Knitting

Day 27 of Blog Every Day in May is Passion Project. I have a confession to make…I’m in my 20s and I love knitting. I used to laugh at people like me for being ‘old’ and ‘boring’ and made WI jokes. But then I started knitting and found that I loved it.

A few years ago, I had a period of uncontrolled asthma and couldn’t leave the house for a few months. Even when I started getting better, I was really limited with what I could do for a long time. The most frustrating thing for me was that talking made it worse, so I felt like I was in prison. Apart from not being able to breathe, I felt fine, so I woke up one morning and thought ‘Arghhh I *need* something to do, maybe I should just admit defeat now and become an old lady who knits’. So I sent my husband out to Hobbycraft and started.

I wasn’t very good to start off with. I think I cast on 50 stitches to make a scarf, and ended up with 90-something by the end. The problem was, at the end of a row, I kept getting the last stitch ‘upside down’, so it looked like 2 rather than one, so I knitted it twice, therefore increasing my stitches. IMG_0531

After my husband watched a few knitting videos and taught me properly, I got better. So, for some bizarre reason, despite my ‘interesting scarf’, my second project was a jumper- I like challenges. Which actually fitted and turned out quite well!IMG_0627

Here are some other projects I’m proud of:


Hot water bottle cover


Stocking Christmas Presents


Newborn baby tiger sleeping bag and hat, modelled by Baby Oleg the Meerkat.

I still knit a lot now, I’m always looking for new things to knit. I like doing it because:

  • there’s something really satisfying about making something yourself
  • It gives me something to focus my mind on when I’m wound up
  • It improves my concentration
  • You can make it as challenging or easy as you like depending on the pattern
  • I haven’t had to buy wool for months because I’ve got a big enough stash to make random projects from

I spend a lot of time watching TV, so knitting (and adult colouring, now that it’s a thing) gives me something to do which makes the day go by quicker.



8 thoughts on “I love Knitting

  1. sueelaine says:

    I really agree I’m 22 and started knitting when I had my daughter. Husband thinks I’m mad but I love making things and I find it really relaxing! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. successencourager says:

    I started when I was younger too, I use to think the same thing. I’d take my knitting everywhere; lunch, movies, out to eat….and I felt everyone was staring at me thinking ‘she is too young’ lol As if there is an age limit on enjoying your hobbies?! I find it very relaxing too. No matter how hectic of a day I’ve had, Knitting can calm me. Thank you for sharing this post!

    Liked by 2 people

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