Day 26 of Blog Every Day in May is Photography. I won’t offer tips, I’m hopeless at taking photos. As well as BBQing, my husband has ‘banned’ me from taking other people’s photo because my hand is too shaky, I can’t make it focus or I stick my finger over the lens.

Here are some of my ‘finer’ moments from the last fortnight:


Here I’ve captured the knee of my pyjamas and the carpet. Neither of which are in focus. Don’t know what I was aiming for.


My colouring in the back garden. And my finger.


This is a fantastic composition of a partial yellow box (?), a white line, someone’s foot and what I think is a mic stand. Again, not a clue what I was actually aiming for. Presumably the person.

Why are these beauties/monstrosities still on my phone? Because technology hates me, and if I try to delete things, I risk deleting them all.

I do take some surprisingly good photos with my ‘point-click-hope for the best’ method though. As in, my husband is surprised and everyone else assumes my husband took it.


Lausanne in Switzerland


Top of the Rock and Central Park, New York. I actually took this without the viewer in it, and then thought ‘what would my husband do?’ and took it again.


Derwent Water, Lake District

IMG_4745Alnwick Gardens, Treehouse Restaurant, Northumbria

#nofilter on all of the above. Mostly because I don’t know how to add filters…

All photos taken by me


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