To my 10-Years-Younger Self

To my 10-Years-Younger Self,

Things work out differently from the way you plan, not necessarily in a ‘that’s life, it’s unpredictable’ kind of way. It doesn’t mean that it’s all negative, but there are some lessons which will save you a lot of hassle and heartache if you learn them sooner rather than later.

  1. Your stubbornness isn’t a bad thing. It keeps you alive on more than one occasion.
  2. Your gut instinct is usually right, follow it every time. Especially when people are telling you you’re wrong.
  3. Not everyone has the same morals as you. Don’t expect people to do the ‘decent’ thing just because you would.
  4. You don’t always have to put everyone else first. Sometimes it’s ok to prioritise yourself. But still be a nice human being, ok?
  5. You can’t change other people. Some ‘friends’ will let you down, that’s their issue, not yours. Remember point number 3?
  6. You’re a lot stronger than you think. Mostly because you don’t even know that half of the stuff coming exists yet.
  7. Asking for help isn’t the same as admitting defeat.

Enough of the depressing things. Here’s some positives:

  1. Friends come from unlikely situations. Go with it!
  2. You have the opportunity to make some positive changes and impact on other people, take it.
  3. You’ll get the chance to have a clean slate- not many people get that.
  4. You’ll appreciate the little things more and the big things are even more amazing.
  5. The things that you worry about aren’t actually as bad in real life as you think they will be.
  6. Living abroad is great and you get lots of travel opportunities.

And just some general things:

  1. Stop watching X-factor, BGT and Dr Who because everyone else does. Join twitter earlier so you can watch the highlights videos and talk about those bits instead. It’ll save you hours at the weekend and they don’t get better!
  2. Stop worrying about weight gain. Because when you’re 8 sizes more in 10 years time, being a size 10 rather than a size 8 really isn’t that big a deal!
  3. Embrace the curly-frizz that is your hair. It doesn’t like to be tamed and fighting with it is a waste of time! And for some reason everyone else seems to like it…
  4. Labels save you loooaaads of time when marking books. Discover those earlier! Plus your handwriting is terrible.
  5. Taylor Swift is amazing. Stop fighting it! So are One Direction before they get long hair and beards.
  6. Avoid travel by trains. They hate you. You’ll get stranded a lot. But then it does also help you make friends!
  7. Don’t eat snails or frogs legs. Just don’t. And goat’s cheese.
  8. Take photos more often. Most will end up blurry and with your finger over the lens, but you end up taking some really good ones sometimes by accident.
  9. Why haven’t you been watching Grey’s Anatomy all along?!
  10. Discover Ben & Jerry’s and Domino’s as soon as you get to Uni, while it’s still acceptable to have those as a separate food group. It’s frowned upon as an adult for some reason…



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