Home Sweet Home

Day 23 of Blog Every Day in May is ‘Home Sweet Home’. I have a house. I like my house. But I suppose, to me, my home is where I feel settled at a particular time. So it doesn’t have to be the house I own, home could also be a holiday house or a tent on a camp site, for example. 

As a child, I didn’t live in the same house for long periods of time. We lived on an army base, which is anything but homely (we had to check for bombs under the car when we went out), then we moved from southern England to Scotland and then later back to England again. I never could get home sick because home wasn’t a ‘place’ in my mind. The closest I’ve come to homesickness was when I first moved to France and I hadn’t met any English speaking people yet and my brain was fried and tired from trying to speak French- I was ‘language’ sick for a few weeks, but I liked being in France. 

I lived an hour and 6 hours away from both sets of grandparents, so it didn’t feel weird when I left home and didn’t see my parents for weeks at a time. I also spent 2 years living in a different city (and country) to my now husband. I can manage as long as I have a way of contacting people, even if it isn’t ideal. I would miss people if I didn’t have the ‘choice’ of being able to see them though. Technology now makes it easier: if I wanted to talk to my husband when I lived in France, I had to get him to ring the phone box outside in the playground (and wear thermals) when our landline broke- that’s commitment! 

Home is where I feel settled. I felt settled in hotels in India, USA, Malta and Spain; on campsites in France and in various houses in the UK. It’s how I feel about it or who’s with me which makes it a home. 


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