Fashion & Style

Day 22 of Blog Every Day in May is Fashion and Style. I’m not particularly fashionable or stylish, and I definitely put comfort/practical-ness before fashion, particularly recently. 

That said, I have just helped a bride-to-be friend find bridesmaid dresses for me and another bridesmaid, along with another best person (didn’t want to leave him out, but he doesn’t require a dress!), which involved internet browsing and a trip to the shops. There are lots of strange choices for bridesmaid dresses out there, which made me think maybe I am a bit stylish than I thought! Ie some looked like sacks despite the well proportioned model. 

The other bridesmaid has a much better eye than I do for making things ‘work’ so it was a good weekend of thinking outside the box in terms of dress styles and fabrics. She can also work wonders with adjustments! We weren’t successful at the shops and will order online where we did find a lovely dress, but it was fun looking through lots of different styles, cuts and fabrics (as well as laughing at some of the crazier choices!). 

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