Day 20 of Blog Every Day in May is BBQ. I’m not ‘allowed’ to BBQ, my husband has banned me. I’m really clumsy, so it would end in the food being set on fire/me setting myself on fire/me setting anything else nearby on fire. And the end result would be we’d get no food!

BBQs for me tend to be a lot of people stubbornly refusing to go inside even though it’s really cold, because there’s the faintest bit of sunshine meaning we *have* to sit outside. The best BBQ I went to was in India for a friend’s wedding. It was part of the wedding festivities, and it took place on a beach. It was warm, you could hear the sea, there were lanterns everywhere, the food was amazing and there was music. The sun went down while we were there which added to the atmosphere.

A close second was on the last day of secondary school where a group of us took portable BBQs to Derwent Water in the Lake District and cooked. I’m not entirely sure if we were allowed to (there weren’t any signs!), and we didn’t manage to cook a lot so we all left hungry, but it was still fun. As with India, the sun went down while we were there, but we didn’t have enough torches and there weren’t any pretty lanterns. So we left soon after that!


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