Family Vs Friends

Day 15 of Blog Every Day in May is about family.

I have a family but, geographically, we’ve never been close. So it would never be a family member who I’d call if I were in jail and needed bailing out (for example!).

Lots of people say that you should rely on your family and be there for your family because ‘family is the most important thing in life’. I agree. To an extent. I haven’t met some of my extended family. I don’t see some of my immediate family very often. Despite modern technology, I don’t talk to some of my family as often as I talk to some of my friends.

The only reason anyone has a family in the first place is because their parents chose to be together. And then, when children are grown up, they choose someone to marry/live with and have a family together also.

So why should my family be restricted to people who share the same DNA? Why can’t I have some people who I have chosen to be part of my family?

Friends are the family you choose. I wouldn’t consider all my friends as part of my family, but there are definitely some friends who know me better than my family do. So my definition of family is probably different to other people’s- the people I care about aren’t necessarily the ones you’d find on my family tree.


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