Workspace: Apps I Use Every Day

Day 14 of Blog Every Day in May is ‘workspace’. I used to teach music, so my workspace involved an office, classroom, practice room, and any other available space to make noise in like cupboards, corridors, the playground, even a disabled toilet once…

I don’t work now, so I don’t have a workspace. However, I do use my phone for everything. So here’s my favourite apps.

1) my calendar, notes and reminders are all synced across my apple devices so if I change one, it changes the rest. This is brilliant because it means that I don’t ‘forget’ anything anymore.
2) photo/camera roll. I take photos of everything and then split them into folders so I can find them. Again, synced across devices.
3) Health app on iPhone. It has my med list, emergency contact, doctor info, what to say to 999 dispatch.
4) My Symptoms app records my food intake, meds I take and symptoms, so I can print them off and show doctors.
5) Shopping apps like Amazon where I can pay with my thumb print rather than accidentally ordering four of the same thing (which I have done) while trying to pay by card.
6) Calm app. I love this app. Read how much I love it here, but it’s basically a mindfulness app.
7) Plant Nanny helps me keep track of how much water I drink. The grammar is awful, but the plants are cute
8) Social Media– love Facebook and Twitter!
9) Spending app keeps a track of my income and outgoings.
10) WordPress for blogging!

All of these were free apps in the App Store, except for Calm, which I subscribe to.

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