A Day in the Life of Adrenal Insufficiency

Day 13 of Blog Every Day in May is ‘A day in the life of…’ My day isn’t the most interesting in terms of activities, but it does give insight into the changes I’ve had to make to live with Adrenal Insufficiency. Which is what my life has to revolve around at the moment! I’m writing about yesterday, which was Thursday.

1am: This is when Thursday started for me. I’m hot and hungry and feel sweaty/shaky and dizzy. I don’t really want to eat if I can help it, so I play on my phone and wait to see if it passes. It doesn’t, so I get up and eat, wait an hour and go back to sleep. This happens 4-5 times a week.
7am: Alarm 1 goes off. I promptly go back to sleep. I usually do this process at 8am, but I have to be up earlier today to get to the hospital.
7:15am: Alarm 2 goes off. So I make myself sit up. And fall asleep again.
7:30am: Alarm 3 goes off. I go downstairs and ask my husband to make me breakfast since I feel like I’ve been run over, have a headache, feel like I’m going to pass out and want to be sick. I was trying to stick to my normal routine of Hydrocortisone at 8:30am to save me having problems at lunchtime, but I abandon that and take it now, along with pain killers, inhalers, antihistamines, calcium and a couple of other things.
8am: I’ve eaten and my tablets have worked so I feel vaguely normal for me. I go upstairs to have a shower. I open the windows and get my clothes out beforehand so that I don’t overheat. Then I lie on the bed again for a rest. At some point while showering (cold shower), I manage to shampoo my hair 3 times before I work out the reason why the conditioner isn’t working is because it isn’t actually conditioner. This is brain fog, and dominates most of my day, but more often just before hydrocortisone times. Once I’ve fixed that, the process gets a bit easier but I’m annoyed because I’ll have added a few minutes to the length and that will ‘cost’ me when I’m trying to cool down.
8:15am: I leave 2 hours to get up and out the door. Most of this is spent ‘cooling down’, which is what I’m doing now. If I get dressed too quickly, I will sweat through my clothes. I have to move really slowly. I sit on the edge of the bed and do my calm app and also play on my phone with the fan blasting at me and the window open.
8:40am: I get dressed and get my pills, water and a snack together to take with me. Then I sit and cool down before putting my shoes on and cooling down some more!
9am: My husband drives me to the hospital because it isn’t a good idea for me to drive today. Today I have a dietician appointment. I zone out for most of the journey because I’m tired and it feels like he’s talking to me in Japanese.
9:45am: we get there and walk to the outpatient department. Back to feeling like I’m passing out and want to be sick again. It’s not a long walk, but it’s enough to set me back.
10am: have the appointment with the dietician.

10:30am: walk back to the car, so repeat of earlier.
11am: I go inside the house and my husband goes to work. I decide to do my calm app in the garden. This helps me with my focus and means I don’t just immediately go to sleep when I lie down for a rest.
11:30am: I end up falling asleep anyway.
12pm: I make lunch. I’m really lacking in coordination so manage to knock a few things over and forget where utensils live. I sit down when I’m waiting for the toaster to have a rest. I give in tidying up and leave it.
12:30pm: Hydrocortisone time. Hooray!
1pm: Feeling much better. I watch some TV.
1:30pm: A friend comes over for a chat with her baby. Nice to have some company and a laugh 🙂
3pm: pain killer time.
3:45pm: my friend leaves and I have a short nap. I’ve got stomach ache, which cocodamol didn’t fix so I need to lie down.
5pm: My husband comes home and starts making tea.
5:30pm: hydrocortisone time again. And teatime. double hooray! I watch a lot of TV.
7:30pm: double pain killer time (different types, don’t worry). I’m starting to get really tired now and lots of pains so I go to have a bath which helps. I can’t have it too hot though, which would help with the pain, but it wouldn’t help with the overheating.
8pm: cooling down process starts again… I do my calm app again but this time because I need calm. The other side of having an endocrine problem is that the body makes cortisol when it starts to fret, which mine doesn’t.
9pm: I go downstairs and watch tv. It’s nighttime tablet/inhaler time. I fall asleep on the sofa at some point before 10pm.
10pm: Pain killer time and bed.


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