Coventry Cathedral Dining Club

British Sandwich week starts this week, apparently, which is today’s topic. We went to Coventry Cathedral Dining Club in Coventry Cathedral, hosted by Digbeth Dining Club. The event was held in the old ruins of the Cathedral and cost £3 for entry. Inside was a range of street food stalls, some street art and contemporary/popular music provided by a DJ.


It was lovely sitting in the sun eating good food. We ate a flatbread from Open Sesame (not strictly a sandwich, granted) with Harissa chicken, olives, humous, rocket, pomegranate, and coriander and it was really tasty. I didn’t take a photo of the actual food, that would have required way too much coordination on my part, but here’s the stall:


It was served as a wrap and cost £6 each. It was filling though, so worth the money. We were quite disappointed to not have room for pudding- the waffles looked amazing! As well as food stalls, there were bars serving alcohol and cocktails, as well as soft drinks stalls. A pleasant way to spend the afternoon!

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