Learning Spanish

Today’s topic for Day 5: Blog Every Day in May is Cinco de Mayo- Mexican inspired. Cinco de Mayo isn’t a ‘thing’ in the UK. So I’m going to write about learning Spanish, as that’s as close as I can get!

I studied French at University and German to A-level, so Spanish seemed the next logical language to learn. I love learning languages. Part of going on holiday, for me, is trying to speak to locals. My proudest moment while living abroad was when a French lady referred to me as Belgian because I had ‘a weird accent’ rather than thinking that I was English. She was still being rude about me, but I didn’t care!

Every few years, I try to learn Spanish. I have Spanish cousins, and whenever we met at family events as children, we couldn’t really speak to each other. So every year before they arrived, I’d get the Spanish books out. Once I’d finished university, I tried again. But teaching left me with little time (or brain power) to learn it ‘properly’ until the Summer holidays, and then I’d find myself going back to basics every year, revising what I’d already learnt but forgotten.

Now I have a lot of time, but even less brain power. I can’t go to a class, but I have found a Babbel course online which I’m slowly working on. One of the things that I find frustrating about some of these courses is that the beginners stuff is too ‘easy’. Because I studied languages at university, some aspects come quite easily to me, so I don’t want to just learn phrases, I want to know how to make phrases. This course is quite good because it gets the balance just right. It’s also full of useful language- in A-level German we studied about nuclear power, which I can talk fluently about, but I would struggle if I lost my passport!

I won’t embarrass myself by trying to write in Spanish. Today I’m starting Beginner Level 5 🙂

Happy Cinco de Mayo to those who do celebrate!


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