Day 4: What’s in your Bag?

This reminds me of a French lesson I used to teach to Year 7s- ‘Dans mon sac, J’ai…’ (in my bag, I have…). It was a great lesson because we could learn the vocab for the things they had in their bag/brought to school (pencil case, books etc), it introduced ‘j’ai’, it extended their spoken sentence length and they could practise their numbers by counting all 42 pencil sharpeners they’d brought with them and their lack of pencils (for example). The pupils loved it because they got to empty their bags out on the desk and be nosey as to what everyone else had brought with them. I loved it because of the learning potential (obviously), but also because lots of students tended to be kind and share their sweets with me (!).

My bag is a bit like a Tardis, according to one friend. I have a lot of stuff. I’ve tried to downsize but I *need* all of the stuff. So, in the style of the French lesson, In my bag I have:

  • All of the ‘normal’ things you’d expect. Purse, phone, keys.
  • water and snacks. They’re mainly squashed oat bars or crisps. I can’t go anywhere without snacks, I get really hangry! I also carry snacks around for friends who get hangry…!
  • A phone charger, headphones and spare underwear. Which is a bit of a random category, but I started doing this when I was a student and had a few unfortunate incidents with getting stuck in different cities on trains- which mostly weren’t my fault! Now it’s because I find myself admitted to hospital or calling an ambulance with 2% battery on too often an occurrence and need to tell my husband. The headphones were because of annoying people on trains, now it’s because there’s nearly always someone drunkenly shouting in A&E that I want to block out. And the underwear just makes you feel so much better if you’ve stayed the night somewhere random and want to change the next day! I considered adding deodorant and a toothbrush, but then I’d need a suitcase.
  • My medications which are in a makeup bag, a spacer (for inhalers), my emergency injection, my alert card. This stuff takes up the most room, but is also the most essential. Until recently, I also had to carry a blood glucose testing monitor but I’ve thankfully been able to get rid of that.
  • A scarf, umbrella, antibacterial gel, sunglasses and another makeup bag/pencil case with lip balm, a mirror, lipstick, hand cream, random miscellaneous jewellery.
  • Occasionally I take my kindle with me, if I know I’m going on a train or to a hospital.
  • From being a teacher, old habits die hard, so I will probably have several pens, a highlighter and a board marker (at least) in there if I rummage enough.
  • Hair grips, bobbles, a plastic bag and some spare zip lock bags. Again, this is from being a teacher…

I’m looking forward to seeing what other people have in their bags and also to see if I can get some tips as to what else I could take with me!


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