Captain America: Civil War

I should probably apologise now- if you’re a die hard Marvel Comics film fan, don’t read this. I liked the film, but not for any of the same reasons as you will. If you’re a girl thinking ‘should I go to the cinema to see this film with my boyfriend?’ this is more for you!

As far as action films go, I quite like the Marvel Comics/Avengers films. I’ve been told that this one wasn’t strictly an Avengers film, yet it had the Avengers in it… Either way, the films have a storyline which doesn’t just rely on who has the most up to date tech or who can run the fastest. They also have funny moments, some strong female characters and some nice faces to look at.

The previous films are all to do with superheroes saving the world, restoring people’s faith in mankind and combining crazy powers with (mostly) Stark created technology. This one, Captain America: Civil War, still has those moments, but the Avengers fraction into two and have a feud (or a civil war). It’s apparently not just me who noticed that after they’d all finished saving the world in the other films, there was a massive mess to clean up. World leaders make similar comments at the start of this film and a treaty is drawn up saying that the vigilantes aren’t allowed to be ‘superheroes’ anymore unsupervised.

Unsurprisingly, they don’t agree. So they break into two camps: one led by Tony Stark and the other led by Captain America. The film sets about showing how the two groups try to prevent the other one from making mistakes and bring them round to their way of thinking.

One of the things I hate about action films is that I can never keep up with what’s going on on the screen. 3D and 4K might give amazing graphics, but it makes my eyes hurt- the screen might be able to keep up with the action now, but my eyes and brain can’t. This film isn’t like that, which I liked. It’s also not just about the long fight scenes. There were many of those, but the characters’ humorous conversations interspersed kept me entertained. I also liked the way the characters were portrayed as more human rather than hero- they made mistakes and had to grovel just as much as the average human being. Tony Stark’s millions (or billions rather) didn’t stop him from having to apologise, even if his tech did help him do it.

However, it was a bit long for me. Anything more than 2 hours is too long in my opinion. I also got really confused in the middle as to who was on which side, but then, that might also be a reflection of the fact that several of the characters felt loyalties to others on the opposing side and were also a bit torn. I wouldn’t see the film again, but it was a good way to spend the afternoon. And I didn’t have to ‘study’ beforehand so that I could understand what was going on!

Photo is of the Theatrical Release Poster

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