A Post Inspired by Walking

I don’t have a job and I can’t walk. Correction: I can physically put one foot in front of the other, but walking and working make me sick because of my Adrenal Insufficiency. So Day 3 of Blog Every Day in May: Walk to Work, doesn’t really apply to me. Otherwise this would be the end of the post!

Before I got sick, I used to love walking, I grew up in the countryside. I liked climbing mountains and standing at the top and taking in the view. Photographs never quite do it justice. This was the view from one of my favourites at home. It was a relatively short walk, taking about 30 minutes, but the last bit of it was quite steep and, depending on the wind direction, quite hard work, so you felt the same satisfaction as if you’d spent a couple of hours getting there. I also loved it because it wasn’t well known with tourists, so I was pretty much the only person there every time I went.


I spent some time in France while studying, and the town I lived in had a circular walk around the city following the river (‘Boucle’). It was about 3 miles, but I made a point of either walking or running the route at least twice a week. The first bit was through La Gare d’Eau (a park next to the river), then it went through a tunnel under the Citadelle (a fortress which protected the city in the Second World War). After that it was a bit more industrial, but it had a different ‘feel’ to it, which I quite liked, before coming back into the old town. I loved this walk- this photo is from La Gare d’Eau looking at the Citadelle.


Photos were taken by me.


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