Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I’m so excited for Season 2 streaming on  April 15th! Kimmy is freed after spending 15 years in a doomsday cult bunker as a ‘mole woman’ and moves to New York to try and get some of her life experiences back and to make the most of her new found freedom. Everything about this show is wacky and out of the ordinary, but it’s hilarious. Don’t watch it if you are easily offended or follow politically correct rules- every character is an exaggerated version of their stereotype. There’s the gay room mate, wealthy socialite employer, bratty teenager, foreign friend who struggles with english, even a senile war veteran. Somehow, despite the over the top portrayal, all of the characters still manage to come across as endearing.

The overall plot line follows Kimmy’s entrance into New York life and her navigation of every day tasks such as finding a job, using a mobile phone and enrolling in school. Her room mate, Titus, ‘helps’ her adjust to society, but she also motivates him in pursuing his dream of being famous. The first season ended in the court case of her cult leader, where Kimmy managed to outwit her own lawyers and the slightly suspect jury in convicting the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. It kind of reminded me of the end of Legally Blonde where both characters’ sheer determination to prove everyone wrong helps them win the case.

It’s as crazy as it sounds but it’s feel good, laugh out loud TV. Kimmy is constantly positive, but not in an annoying way, and she manages to pass on the lessons she’s learnt in the bunker to her employer, landlady and school buddy. The theme tune is also ridiculously catchy!


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